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Pacific West Injury Law could help you recover lost compensation and medical bills resulting from Auto Accident related injuries.

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Auto Accident Injury

Car accidents are a major source of injury and disability in the U.S., resulting in around $75 billion each year in lost productivity and the cost of medical care.

Commercial Vehicle Accident Injury

Truck accidents are incredibly dangerous, often leading to catastrophic injuries, debilitating pain, and a slew of financial and medical issues that affect not only the victim but their family as well.

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motorcycle crash on a city road

Motorcycle Accident Injury

When an accident occurs in Las Vegas, motorcyclists are vulnerable to severe trauma. Motorcycle accident attorneys work to protect bikers’ legal rights and recover damages for their injuries.

Auto / Pedestrian Injury

Pedestrians have as many rights on the streets of North Las Vegas as the drivers around them. Unfortunately, some drivers do not take adequate care to avoid the possibility of pedestrian accidents, which can result in severe injuries.

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Slip-and-Falls / Property Negligence

Did you know that injuries from falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits? According to the CDC, one in every four older adults will suffer a fall and over 800,000 patients are admitted to the hospital due to injuries from falls.

Drunk Driving Accident Injury

Getting on the road, you never expect to get hit by another car. Unfortunately, that happens frequently and alcohol can play a part. A Las Vegas drunk driving accident lawyer can help you recover compensation for your injuries.

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Legal FAQs

Personal injury cases are a result of a third party’s negligence. Although each case is significantly different, this is the underlying connection. Our team of personal injury lawyers has answered some common questions about the legal process for your benefit.

  • Your time should be dedicated to recovering from your injuries and getting your life back on track. Our lawyers will try to win you the compensation you deserve and hold the negligent party responsible for their negligent behavior.
  • To alleviate the stress of legal work, we will handle every aspect of your case including negotiating on your behalf, speaking with eyewitnesses from the accident, hiring an accident reconstructionist, collecting evidence, handling all communications and deadlines, file legal documents, and represent you at trial.
  • Potentially, yes. If your accident was caused by the careless behavior of another individual, you should file a claim with Pacific West Injury Law and win back the damages you lost because of the accident, regardless of how severe your injuries are. It is recommended, though, that you still visit a doctor after the accident to get the evidence proving you sustained some injury from the accident. This documentation can be used in negotiating a settlement offer.
  • Our Pacific West personal injury lawyers provide comprehensive legal representation to those who have suffered injuries, and to family members of an injured victim, due to another party’s careless or wrongful actions. We handle the following types of injury cases: car accidents, slip and falls, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, premises liability, drunk driving incidents, wrongful death claims, and product liability.
  • The statute of limitations, in the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) §11.190, outlines the deadlines for filing any of the following cases. If you are unable to file your claim within these time constraints, you will likely lose the ability to seek compensation for your injuries. Speak with Pacific West Injury Law attorney to discuss if your deadline has been adjusted because of the specifics of your case.
  • Personal Injury: Two years from the date of the injury
  • Product Liability: Three years from the date of the injury
  • Wrongful Death: Two years from the death date
  • As a service to our clients, we will work to collect evidence of your damages and assign a monetary value to your case to use in settlement negotiations or if your case goes to trial. With more evidence, we can build a stronger case to recover the compensation you deserve. This includes medical bills, documents from your employer, receipts of any additional expenses, surveillance videos, police reports, witness testimonies, and statements from medical, vocational, or economic experts.
  • Across much of the U.S., there is a “comparative negligence” rule, found in the NRS §41.141, that gives detail on instances where both parties are potentially at fault for some portion of the accident. If you are partly to blame for your injuries, the total compensation you would be expecting to receive would be reduced by the percentage of the incident you are responsible for.
  • For example, if you were 20% responsible, your compensation of $10,000 would now be reduced to $8,000. Nevada’s modified comparative negligence rule, however, states that if the defendant is found guilty of being responsible for more than 50% of the accident, then you will receive some amount of compensation. But, if you are guilty of more than 50% of the accident, you are not entitled to any compensation, regardless of your injuries and how severe they may be.
  • While there may be more you’re eligible for in personal injury cases, you can be reimbursed for any, if not all, of the following:
  • Hospital bills from your injuries
  • The estimated future costs of all medical care
  • Property damage, such as car repair or replacement costs after an auto accident
  • Lost wages for the time you were not at work and were recovering
  • Reduced earning capacity if your ability to earn has been permanently diminished
  • Pain and suffering, both mentally and emotionally
  • Additional compensation for becoming disabled
  • Funeral and burial costs in wrongful death claims
  • You may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of your loved one who passed away. Common instances of these cases are: the defendant is driving while intoxicated and hits your family members’ car, resulting in their death, or a family member slips or trips and falls at a business due to the negligence of the business owner and is severely injured and passes away a week later.
  • Our goal in legal action for these cases would be to collect compensation for your family to cover the funeral and burial costs, medical bills, the deceased’s lost wages, and more. The defendant may also be facing criminal charges.
  • A Pacific West injury lawyer will help you list your damages and calculate a total value. There are three types of damages in a personal injury claim to make notes of. They are: general damages which are non-economic factors for the trauma, pain, and suffering you, or your family, went through because of the accident; special damages are typically the things you have receipts to prove how much money was lost, such as medical bills, loss of earnings or property damage; punitive damages are set as a punishment for the defendant.
  • Established in the NRS §005, punitive damages are capped at the larger of the two: three times the combined amount of general and special damages (if this total is above $100,000) or $300,000 if the combined amount of general and special damages is less than $100,000.
  • Our attorneys help clients on a contingency-fee-basis. If we take on your case, no up-front fees are required. We do not accept payments unless we win and secure compensation.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. Past results do not guarantee, warrant, or predict future cases. You may have to pay the other side’s attorney’s fees and costs in the event of a loss.

We Fight To Get You The Maximum Compensation That You Deserve!

DO NOT DELAY! Your time may be limited to file a claim. Please Fill out the Below Information or Call Us today to speak about your case.

This is not a third-party solicitation. A Pacific West Injury Case Manager will review your potential claim shortly to set a time for a No-Risk Consultation with one of our attorneys. Remember you pay no fees unless we Win! 

We Fight To Get You The Maximum Compensation That You Deserve!

DO NOT DELAY! Your time may be limited to file a claim. Please Fill out the Below Information or Call Us today to speak about your case.

This is not a third-party solicitation. A Pacific West Injury Case Manager will review your potential claim shortly to set a time for a No-Risk Consultation with one of our attorneys. Remember you pay no fees unless we Win!